•Born 1979, Giessen (Hessen)
•Independent Systemic Counsellor/Coach/Supervisor
•Diversity Trainer (Eine Welt der Vielfalt e.V., Berlin, since 2019)
•Education as Systemic Counsellor at the Akademie der kulturellen Bildung des Bundes und des
 Landes NRW Remscheid
, 2017-2019
•Member of DGSF (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Systemische Therapie, Beratung, Familientherapie e.V.
•Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher for different styles of dance (Contemporary, Improvisation, Contact
 Improvisation. References e.g. Theatre Bremen, Freiburg)
•Trainer for Bodywork (Pilates, Yoga, Bodyawareness, Body-Contact-Training,
 Reference e.g. Hochschule Merseburg, Vokalensemble Kammerton Berlin)
•A-Levels, Cultural Studies, Management for Arts (FH Potsdam, diploma) 


From very early childhood on, different individual and team-sports and music have played a decisive role in my life. After my studies of Contemporary Dance (Musikhochschule Frankfurt/ Main), I continued with Cultural Studies and Cultural Management (FH Potsdam). Ultimately, contemporary dance became my main profession. At the same time, I started passing my experiences on to others through teaching and consulting. One of my main concerns is the support of others on their tracks of moving forward, and whilst they keep on learning and growing.

I look forward working with you and I'm grateful for the trust you put in me as your counsellor or bodycoach.