Embodied Communication Practice (ECP)

Embodied Communication Practice is a physically oriented communication training
-for improving self awareness, interaction and communication between individuals.

ECP helps people to experience themselves (individually and in contact with others) in the "here & now".
In ECP you will practice nonverbal communication through movement and find or rediscover the joy of moving. The training provides core-learning experiences in the fields of: body awareness, communication and boundary awareness.
I use different methods of bodywork (excercises similar to bodyworks like Pilates, Feldenkrais, Dance Therapy, Contact Improvisation) and I guide you through movement and dance experiences and improvisations. Some exercises are designed for the individual and others for pairs or groups.
The training is open to anybody with an interest in a body-oriented form of training and self-care. It is suitable for those who want to reconnect with themselves and their inner resources (e.g. experiencing vitality loss or signs of burn-out) and those who want to hone their skills for getting into postive contact with others.


-In 2021 I got licensed as DOSB-Trainer (C-Licence).