...embraces the differences and similarities of people. In our world there are many different ways and models of living. An appreciation of diversity fosters a positive alternative to discrimination.

In my diversity trainings/ workshops you'll have the possibility to get familiar with the diversity dimensions of e.g. genders, sexualities, origins, age, social standing. I provide trainings/ workshops at entrance-level or advanced.
In the work, you'll have the chance to increase your awareness of mechanisms of discrimination and the appearance and impact of prejudices – for the individual and society. As part of this process the participants must consider their own perceptions and actions. They will also gain an understanding of intersectionality, the simultaneous belonging to multiple group identities and possible effects.

In a safe space the participants can bring their own experiences to the discussion, question their positions and practise to be comfortable with differences.

The aim of diversity training is to expand the individual expertise, to develop team-abilities and to improve the staff and client experience of your organisation.

I am trained and I teach with the concept of "Eine Welt der Vielfalt e.V., Berlin".
In addition I completed an Anti-Bias (train-the-trainer) education of the ADL in January 2020.