What is sytemic? For me!

The primary motive within my systemic work is:

    To guide clients to their own abilities of action. The more systemic the better.
"more systemic" means et al.:
clients are the experts for their solutions - the counsellor is the expert for the control of the process. (process-oriented | resources-oriented | outcome-oriented)

Where does the term "systemic" comes from?
Systemic counselling refers to the principles of system theory (e.g. by Niklas Luhman). It describes the behavior of people not applied to their individual characteristics, but through their relationships and interactions among each other and in relation to their system-environment. Systemic counselling is aimed at the expansion of possibilities of perception and abilities of action. Systemic counselling is attentive to the context of the help seekers, it pays attention to their resources and autonomy. It maintaines a respectful dialogue with the counterpart.

more informations e.g. here: http://www.aft.org.uk/view/index.html