Mathis Kleinschnittger

•Born 1979, Giessen (Hessen)

•Independent Systemic Counsellor/Coach/Supervisor (Education 2017-2019, Akademie der
 kulturellen Bildung des Bundes und des Landes NRW Remscheid
, DGSF-certified.)

Diversity Trainer (Eine Welt der Vielfalt e.V., Berlin, since 2019
                              + Anti-Bias trained by ADL, 2020.

•Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher for different styles of dance (Contemporary, Improvisation,
 Contact Improvisation. References e.g. Theatre Bremen, Freiburg), DOSB-lincensed (C) from 2021.

•Trainer for Bodywork (Pilates, Yoga, Bodyawareness, Embodied Communication Practice,
 Reference e.g. Hochschule Merseburg, Vokalensemble Kammerton Berlin)
 DOSB-lincensed (C) from 2021.

•A-Levels, Cultural Studies, Management for Arts (FH Potsdam, diploma)

From very early childhood on, different individual and team-sports and music have played a decisive role in my life. After my studies of Contemporary Dance (Musikhochschule Frankfurt/ Main), I continued with Cultural Studies and Cultural Management (FH Potsdam). Ultimately, contemporary dance became my main profession. At the same time, I started passing on my experiences to others through teaching and consulting. The support of others for their learning and growing became a key concern of mine, which I now can provide with my coachings and trainings.

I look forward working with you and I'm grateful for the trust you put in me as your counsellor or bodycoach.