Systemic Supervision

Supervision is the observation from an external position and creating a space for reflection on professional and institutional performance of a work-team. Supervision takes the interdependencies of individuals, roles, functions, mandates and organisation into focus.
The aim is to extended the possibilities of mind sets and performances of the members of staff.

As a supervisor I work related to a given mandate aswell as process-oriented. The supervision is a dialog between the supervised people as experts of their work and me as the holder of an outside perspective. The outside perspective on individual, professional and institutional questions can uncover unseen interactions, patterns and processes. This gives the opportunity to realise, what should be changed and what should maintain. New solutions can appear.

My supervisory attitude is all sides aligned and sensitive to context and diversity.

Besides the conversation based setting, I also work (on demand) with creative methodes such as visual or sculptural configurations, which sometimes can put things quicker in a nutshell.

Supervision is related to professional performance and the development of individuals, groups or leadership. Therefore supervision can take place in settings of one-to-one, groups or for leading individuals or teams.


First hand knowledge of:
Arts sector/ Artists living
LGBTIQ*/ Diversity