I offer process oriented systemic counselling, which will enable you as a client to act by yourself in situations such as:

•Conflicts (private or job-related)
•Situations of change, finding new perspectives
•Interpersonal boundaries

Your aim:
Conflict resolution/ Decision making/ Determination of your goal

My offer:
I will assist you to find new perspectives, possibilities, ways of behaviour and/or to review and/or redefine your position within a group.

Systemic work is operating at it's best, when all members of a system (team at work, association, club, family) come together to a counselling. Out of this the changes can become effective for everybody.

Focus of my counsellings:
•Handling/ Dynamics of relationships
•Orientation for profession/s
•Salutogenesis/ Selfcare

•Arts sector/ Artists living
•Queer way of life/ Diversity